Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

It Not About The Technology
In Kelly Hines post on technology, she makes some great points. I feel that technology is good to an extent. It helps those who are smarter with electronics, but what about the individuals who are good with hands on things. I feel that teachers should come up with a way to benefit both types not just one. Technology it's good for everyone. This was an awesome post.
Technologically Illiterate Teacher
I think that this post was stated perfectly. I feel that it could have not been said any better. Teachers should have to understand how to do everything or most things that technology has to offer. Technology is growing and growing everyday, and for teachers to teach our youth they should have to be up to date on there technology too. I really recommend this post to all teachers in the world.
Social Media Count
Once I started reading over the numbers in this post, I realized the affect that technology has on our world is amazing. Technology plays a bigger role in our society than people think. This is why we need to try and get everyone in our society on the same page when it comes to technology. We need everyone together in this because technology will take over the world in the future. This post makes me want to learn more about technology.
Vision of Student Today 
This video brought a lot of things to the light for me. It made me understand the true meaning of a lot of things. It was very interesting to see the different signs that the students held up, because all of there signs were so true. It's amazing how we as the students know so much but are so scared to voice our opinion. I think that if students start to voice there opinion to teachers, they will know how to help us in better ways. 


  1. Jeffrey,
    It seems like you had a problem expanding on your topic. Don't just tell us it was an "awesome" post; if you're gonna share your opinion please say what made it so "awesome" so we will know that you actually got something out of it. Furthermore, if you are going to make a point, make it. Don't sketch out! "It made me understand the true meaning of a lot of things." Like what? We would like to know what interests you, what grabs your attention, what you think you will use as a teacher, what you disagree with...please give more information! Each topic in the Blog Post Instructions for each post needs to be a paragraph or more.
    That is all. Just a few improvements :)

  2. Jeffery,
    In your comment on the visions of students today, you said that "if students start to voice there opinion to teachers, they will know how to help us in better ways", I believe that some teachers probably would try a little but most would say it wasn't their decision. I'm not sure who the students can go to in a situation like this short of putting together a petition or something!

    Constructive Criticism: watch your use of there and their! I know it's a common mistake we all make :)