Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post #14


Jose Picardo long list of resources for teachers, this website gives you a lot of different terms that can help one in the future. This website is always updated for educational use and can be a great reference page for teachers. This website can also help individuals who aren't sure about certain terns and the uses.
The video top ten tips in the classroom this video shows different things that we can benefit from. Streaming videos is a major way to get our point across to our audience and it's very convenient. Music is a great source we can use also, music is very popular among teenagers and can be a great tool to attract them. Skype is a great way to interact with major people across the world. Skype is so effective that you know that you're talking to the right person because you can see them. Podcast are very special. Podcast are ways to communicate using audio. This way we can communicate with people who are blind also. I think that starting a blog should be one of the first tips. There is so much someone can do with a blog. Blogs also provide information to other who do not know anything about you. My experiences using a blog is that it helps me to use different resources and learn a lot about others.

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  1. Hey Jeffrey,

    Great post. I'm glad you learned to like blogging. Have a great holiday!