Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7


My Childhood Dreams
First he explains why this is his last lecture. He explains how he has ten tumors in his liver. He then start to explain his childhood dreams. He talks about how not achieving his childhood dream, made him stronger and a better person. He explains what a brick wall is. A brick wall is for the people who do not want there accomplishments bad enough. The ones who want it will always be able to make it through the brick walls.
Enabling The Dreams Of Others
He felt he could help others with there dreams by becoming a professor. He felt that if you never set the bar for students, this will help them to strive further for there dream also. He feels that students can learn so much virtually. He taught a class, where students built virtual worlds. He could understand students better with this.
How You Can Achieve Your Dreams
Parents, mentors, and students are major influences on achieving dreams. He feels there are certain keys to success. A person has to have fun to achieve there dream. When we have a child like wonder, this is what keeps us going toward our dream. A lot of people don't achieve there dreams because they give up. He thinks that no one should ever give up. A person can't fail if they never give up. We also need others to help us to our success. The biggest thing to do to achieve your dream is be grateful of others. The conclusion of this entire lecture is that if you lead your life the right way the dream will come to you.

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  1. Jeffrey,
    I believe your writing is improving! Also, you did a good job giving your description of the video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! They lead to a few of my own. I disagree that "if you lead your life the right way the dream will come to you." While leading your life the right way is important, it does not insure the fulfillment of your dreams. Bad things happen to good people. I believe that Pausch was successful in this because he did not wait for his dreams to come to him, he made them happen. He seems to stand for the idea that if you make the right choices, learn lessons from failure, choose the dreams you are most able to carry out, and work hard, then they may be fulfilled.
    Keep up the good work in your writing!