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What I've Learned This Year (2008-09)

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In Mr. McClung first year of teaching, he takes us through the ups and downs of being a teacher. He feels that we should all have a way of reading the crowd as we teach. He explains from his experience that we should take different approaches to the students. He also feels, we should be very flexible with our students. Students are very different, so we have to look at each as they are different. He feels that one of the major keys to being successful as a teacher is communication. He feels communication is everything. He explains we can learn a lot from our students if only we communicate with them. The biggest concern he talks about is the way older people are afraid of technology. He tells how technology is our friend and is only here to help us. His finally address is that we should never stop learning as teachers. We are never to old to learn something new. The thing that make great teachers are the ability to keep going further with education. I agree with Mr. McClung entire post he gives great points and ideas for a first time teacher.
What I've Learned (2009-10)


In Mr. McClung 2009-2010 post. He changes schools and the grade that he teaches. He talks about the big adaptation that takes place from this change. He tells us how it's so much different teaching 8th graders than 6th graders. He feels that we have to do more to keep 8th graders entertained because of there age. Mr. McClung explains that the most helpful thing he does is find a school mom. He basically finds a teacher who has been there for some years and learns the ropes from her. He thinks this is a great learning tool for new teachers. We have to always understand that we are teaching Jr. high students, therefore we can't be controlling because they will not listen. We have to understand that we have a goal in mind when we are teaching these teenagers. We have to stick to our goals and not lose sight of the important things that we are after. In conclusion Mr. McClung feels that he has really progressed over his time as a teacher. I think that Mr. McClung has great points, and he really needs to have a post each year because his explanation about things are so great.


  1. Hello,
    I also liked Mr. Clung's blog. I enjoyed reading about his struggles and triumphs with his teaching. It is a bit scary to read how he has been treated sometimes. I wonder if I could be a good teacher after reading the blog. I hope so.
    Christopher Reindl

  2. Hello Jeffrey!

    I see that you came away with the main points of Mr. McClung's posts. That's good. However, I feel like you could have elaborate further on your own thoughts regarding the topics. At the end of the semester, you're going to have to make a video of your Final Reflections on the class, and it would be helpful to think about what Mr. McClung learned and how your own ideas about education have changed. Also, you need to have alt and title modifiers on your pictures.