Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post #8


This Is How We Dream
In Richard Miller, This is how we dream. He talks about the way society has changed so much. Once upon a time the only resource of learning for everyone was the library. In today's society most people have everything they need right on there laptop. Laptops allow us to do so much more. They allow us to put different things together at anytime. Laptops have really changed our world.
Laptops also give us a better visual and better understanding of what we are looking at. The details that laptops give us, makes everything so much more interesting. We can sell things better now, due to the creativity of the internet. Internet also allows us to take virtual tours throughout different places, or even a persons dream.
Carly Blog Post
Carly Blog Post #12 is perfect. It really explains a lot about being an educator. She lays out everything we need to know very clear. This post is very similar to what Dr. Miller said, because she uses a lot of technology to get the point across. I do agree with the fact of teaching by example, because this makes things so much easier. This is the best written out post I have seen so far.

EDM 310

EDM310 Is Different
In these two videos they have some great points. In The Chipper Series, It shows how small decision that we make now can affect us in the real world. A video that I would enjoy participating in, would be a video that shows how someone can still be successful without school but it's going to take so much more to do.
EDM310 for dummies explains that if someone needs help, the lab is always available. EDM310 is a class where we learn. This class takes a lot of time, so you have to put aside time for it. I think anyone can make it through the class with great time management skills and the will to work.
Learn to Change, Change to Learn
This video provides a great point. It explains the way, schools are not helping students as much now as they did in the pass. Students have to learn different things for life. A lot of student are so afraid of change that they are not willing to learn. Students that learn much as possible are setting themselves up for success. When a student learns this give he or she the ability to make a change in our world. Once everyone realize how much our learning is affecting change in our society, more will be willing to learn.


  1. Hey Jeffrey,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post this week. You made some really good points about laptops, and how much they do for us. I also agree with you about how much time edm310 takes. Personally, I have really enjoyed and learned a lot so far in this class that I will take with me. I too believe that anybody can make it through this class. I agree with you about the time management skills and the will to work.
    I did seen a couple of mistakes, one with spelling and one with verb usage. Just remember to proofread your work. Other than that, your blog post was great! Keep up the nice work.

  2. Hey Jeffrey,

    I'm so glad you liked Carly's post! (She's a sweety!) You did a nice job of responding to prompts. You just need to remember to add title and alt tags to your pictures.

    Also, take into consideration the fact that laptops are only a portion of the technological tools available to us. Even cellphones have advanced to the point where we can created documents, pictures, and send emails anywhere we have phone service. There is so much that we can utilize in learning.