Sunday, October 30, 2011

C4T #3

I had Heidi Siwak for my teacher. In here blog she kept everything very interesting and keeps you wanting more. In one of her post she talks about transforming a school.I think she made a great point in this post, we can not be scared of change. I think if we receive the feedback from the right people we will eventually be able to make things like this possible. This post is very possible for individuals who are not scared of rejection. This was a very interesting post. The next post I read, talked about Google Hangout. She explained why she liked it and how it has expanded her social network. She is also trying to encourage more female to get involve with technology because there aren't many female in this area. I really enjoyed Heidi Siwak blog.


  1. Jeffrey,
    I agree with Heidi that teachers should not be scared of change! I remember at the beginning of the semester I was scared half to death of taking this edm 310 course. I had heard so many students talk about the work load and thought I would have a very hard time keeping up. I have learned a lot in this class. I really enjoy doing the c4t and I feel like you like it also!
    Thank you,
    Jessica Walker

  2. Hello Jeffrey,

    When doing the C4T summaries, you need to make sure to have the links to the original posts of the teachers and to also include a picture with the alt and title modifiers. As it is, your post is really rough. There are a lot of small errors. I feel like you could have done better.
    "In here blog" should be her
    "a school.I think" needs a space between "." and "I"
    "one of her post" should be posts
    "She is also trying to encourage more females to get involved with technology because there aren't many females in this area."

    Just remember to proofread before you post. It really helps if you type up your posts in a Word Document, because it would help catch those things I just showed you.