Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

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In Ms.Cassidy Skype interview, She explains how she got involved with technology about ten years ago. She has been blogging for about five years, and she has been doing video's for about two years. She really enjoys doing what she does. She says that other teachers and parents really support what she's doing. She explained that she keeps her children safe by just letting them post there first name on there profile. She also doesn't allow here children to post pictures of themselves on there profile. I think if I had to teach this in my class, I would use the same techniques to protect my children. This technique can keep others from trying to track these young children down. Ms.Cassidy feels that every teacher should be technology literate. I agree with her on this because our world is getting smarter and smarter everyday and we need to know how to handle this.

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  1. Hello Jeffrey,

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